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Tense? Stressed? Terrible hair? Try the Aveda Insitute Barbershop

There are very few occasions where we’ll allow ourselves to fall asleep in the middle of something we’ve paid good money for. Apart from John Carter (not even Dominic West could keep us awake), one notable exception is when we’re getting a scalp massage at the Aveda Institute in London’s Covent Garden. If you’ve never experienced one of the most relaxing grooming experiences in the capital, now’s the time to act as the haircare specialist has resurrected its pop-up men’s barbershop for men for the remainder of this month.

Housed in a temporary wooden structure in the heart of the shop (complete with red and white barber’s poles and traditional leather cutting chair), there are three men-only treatments on offer: an energising facial (a 20-minute session designed to hydrate skin), a soothing shave (a traditional cut-throat shave with all the trimmings) and, our pick, the Festive Hair Fix (a 45-minute cut and style that comes with one a superb head and shoulder massages).

Better yet each lunch hour-friendly appointment comes with a complementary Christmas drink - although, if you’re going for the nap-inducing massage, we’d suggest the non-alcoholic option to maintain at least the semblance of consciousness during those afternoon meetings.

  • The Aveda Pop-Up Barbershop runs until 30 November at The Aveda Institue, 174-177 High Holborn, Covent Garden, London, WC1V 7AA. Treatments from £20.

By Nick Carvell

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