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Converse x Maison Martin Margiela trainers

Considering Maison Martin Margiela has made its name recycling and reinventing items for the catwalk, it’s hardly surprising that the design collective has become a serial collaborator over the past few years. After bringing its trademark twisted logic to everything from a G-Shock watch to Cutler & Gross shades, its latest teammate is Converse.

Considering the American trainer-maker’s history of colour-popping, pattern-heavy collaborations, Margiela have made a pretty subversive move: by taking a pairs of blue, red and yellow All Stars and hand-painting them bright white. While these will look great fresh out of the box, the real beauty is that this allows the coloured canvas underneath to crack out over time. 

£150. Available 20 September at Dover Street Market, London, W1. doverstreetmarket.com

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