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4 Ways to Style the Cole Haan ZeroGrand

If you have been following our in-depth look at the Cole Haan ZeroGrand colorways, then you are already well aware of the technology that has gone into making it one of most versatile shoes out there. For everyone else, the Cole Haan ZeroGrand is, in essence, the perfect blend of fashion and function: a brogue silhouette is fused with a running shoe sole to deliver unparalleled comfort and ride in the most demanding of situations. In and out of the office, the ZeroGrand will power you through your busy day as well as it does for a casual outing. To provide a bit of fashion inspiration on how you can style the Cole Haan ZeroGrand shoes, we present four outfits suitable for almost any gentleman.

4 Ways to Style the Cole Haan ZeroGrand

The Summer Weekender 

Casual summer days are made for feeling comfortable and the ZeroGrand fits right in. Cole Haan styled a simple summertime outfit consisting of nautical stripes and khaki shorts for the guy who takes it easy. Go sock-less with ZeroGrand shoes for a great “no-touch” experience.

4 Ways to Style the Cole Haan ZeroGrand

The 21st Century Greaser

Whoever says the ZeroGrand only suits business attire is well off. Paired with a leather motorcycle jacket and selvedge jeans is one of our favorite looks. We love the red beanie to complete the look.

4 Ways to Style the Cole Haan ZeroGrand

The Classics

Denim Jacket? Check. White t-shirt? Check. Black Jeans? Check. Classic black ZeroGrands pair well with any combination of garments. Cole Haan reminds us to show off your relaxed side with this staple look this fall.

4 Ways to Style the Cole Haan ZeroGrand

The Dapper Gentleman

With fall steadily approaching, Cole Haan concocted an autumnal outfit with a blue pair of ZeroGrand shoes. A leather belt, denim jeans and a navy campaign hat showcase this shoe’s fashion forward versatility.

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